There are two programs offered for men living with complex needs who are at risk of homelessness. Our participants are treated with dignity and respect, and actively involved in decision-making to ensure outcomes meet their needs and address their interests, concerns and priorities.

Men's Accommodation and Support Service (MASS)

This program works with men at risk of homelessness, including men leaving custody or otherwise involved in the criminal justice system. Men are accepted into the program on agreement to participate in EveryMan's case management and support program, and allocated an EveryMan property for the duration of their involvement - generally around 12 months. After the client successfully completes the program, management of the house may be returned to Housing ACT. or the client may be assisted with transitioning to other accommodation.

Men's Outreach Support Service (MOSS)

We provide Outreach Case Management support to men who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Men may have their own accommodation which is inadequate or at risk of breaking down, or may be offered EveryMan outreach support in cases where accommodation is nededed but we have no vacancies.

Objectives of both programs are to ensure that men:

  • Gain enhanced safety and improved health outcomes
  • Develop opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and confidence to manage future crises
  • Increase their awareness of, and capacity to access ongoing education, community resources and support networks
  • Are able to develop ongoing skills to access appropriate mainstream and specialist services
  • Are better able to sustain stable accommodation


Partners may be accommodated under the man's occupancy agreement as co-habitants. Where possible, multi-bedroom accommodation may be provided  to support men with agreements in place for access with their children.



Fifteen places are allocated specifically to men involved in the Justice system (in prison, on remand or on probation). MASS works through protocols that involve ACT Community Corrections, and the ACT Sentence Administration Board. The other fifteen places are available to men referred by other agencies, through an application process.

Mass Outreach

Single men without children who are at risk of homelessness due to circumstances which impact on their capacity to sustain stable accommodation.



Our services are referral based. This allows us to prioritise based on needs. A referral form can be found here

For a MASS program, the referral form MUST be sent to Onelink at or by fax to 02 6207 2457

Referral applications will be considered by program management and either forwarded to Onelink or actioned by us.

Don't know where to start? Call us during office hours and we can provide information about referrals and services available.

Waiting Lists

There can be waiting lists for our services. Please call to ask about vacancies - requests for appointments will be considered, subject to waiting lists and capacity.


There are no fees to access these services.

Contact Us

Email Onelink

Ph: 1800 176 468

or fax: 02 6207 2457

Call EveryMan:

Ph: (02) 6230 6999

Complete a referral form and fax it to us at 02 6257 1223.