We require a referral from all participants before they can use our services. This helps us to prioritise based on needs and capacity.

If you don't know where to start, call us on 02 6230 6999 during office hours and we can provide the information you need about referrals and services available. We have trained staff who can talk you through the process and direct you to other services and information, to make sure you find the assistance you need.

 Please note: for a MASS program, the referral form MUST be sent to OneLink at info@onelink.org.au. For OneLink queries, call 1800 176 468. Referral applications will be considered by program management and either forwarded to OneLink or actioned by us.

Some of our programs have other referral requirements. For example men can enter the Working With the Man (WWM) program through one of three pathways:

  • Court order or recommendation
  • Referral from an ACT government agency or community organisation
  • Self-referral 

To download a copy of the WWM-specific referral form, click here.